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Shetland Jewellery - Charms

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Prices are in New Zealand dollars and include GST.
CHARMS                       Sterling Silver
CH6 Viking Ship $85.00
CH9 Viking Ship 16mm $72.00
CH14 Shetland Pony 14mm $63.00
CH17 Shetland Pony 16mm $63.00
CH19 Viking Ship 17mm $72.00
CH30 Anglian Beast 17mm $67.00
CH65 Viking Helmet 10x10mm $77.00
CH100 Puffin 19mm $72.00
CH126 Shetland Flag $96.00
CH228 Celtic Cross 20mm $72.00
CH777 Three Nornes 15mm $72.00

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All prices are in New Zealand dollars and exclude postage and packaging. NZ GST of 15% will be deducted for overseas customers.
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