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Prices are in New Zealand dollars and include GST.
BROOCHES                            Sterling Silver
B32      Thistle                       $119.00
B324     Thistle Brooch/Amethyst       $232.00
B332     Thistle                       $120.00
B36      Thistle                       $154.00
B37      Luckenbooth                   $120.00
B42      Thistle                       $131.00
B57      Bagpipes                      $141.00

E32      Thistle                       $102.00
E323     Thistle                       $131.00
E325     Thistle/Amethyst (Drop/Stud)  $177.00
E37      Luckenbooth                   $102.00
E422     Thistle (Drop/Stud)           $131.00

P13      Thistle                       $120.00
P20      Thistle                       $103.00
P323     Thistle Pendant               $108.00
P325     Thistle/Amethyst              $142.00
P332     Thistle                       $ 97.00
P37      Luckenbooth                   $120.00
P377     Luckenbooth                   $ 97.00
P39      Thistle                       $164.00
P42      Thistle                       $141.00
P422     Thistle Pendant               $131.00

SP20     Thistle                       $108.00

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All prices are in New Zealand dollars and exclude postage and packaging. NZ GST of 15% will be deducted for overseas customers.
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