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St Justin Jewellery - Pewter TieSlides & Cufflinks

See below for prices.


Prices are in New Zealand dollars and include GST and shipping
to New Zealand.
G - denotes a choice of real gemstones

    A=Amber  L=Lapis Lazuli  M=Malachite  P=Amethyst
    S=Rainbow Moonstone  T=Turquoise

CC04T    Square Knot T-bar                           $63.00 One Pair in Stock - Deleted Item
CC12T    Lugh's Knot T-bar                           $57.20
CC14T    Quadrant Knot T-Bar                         $57.30
CC16T    Four Knot T-bar                             $57.20
CC123T   Welsh Dragon oval T-bar                     $60.00
CC125    St Piran Flag chain                         $62.50
CC136 G  Triangular Knot Cross chain                 $63.00
CC136B   Triangular Knot Cross/chain - Black Onyx    $63.00
CC136GT  Triangular Knot Cross T-Bar                 $63.00
CC136BT  Triangular Knot Cross T-bar - Black Onyx    $63.00

CT14     Quadrant Knot                               $59.90
CT16     Four Knot                                   $59.90
CT136    Triangular Knot Cross - Amber               $63.70 One in Stock - Deleted Item 

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All prices are in New Zealand dollars and exclude postage and packaging. NZ GST of 15% will be deducted for overseas customers.
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